Cafe Features

June Beverages

Berry Smoothie

Build a… Berry Berry Smoothie!

Half Strawberry, Half Wildberry. This very berry bliss

will get you energized for all of your Summer Reading activities!

Double $3.50   Grande $4.00


cookies & cream flavored soda

Frozen Fluffernutter

Your favorite Peanut Butter & Marshmallow treat

swirled up in a frozen coffee or frozen cream.

We’ll add Chocolate & Whip if you wish!


Double $3.50   Grande $4.00


Polished Pearl Iced Latte**

  Smooth & classic Vanilla with a glimmer of 

white chocolate & a hint of cool peppermint.

A perfect shiny compliment to any ensemble!


Double $3.30  Grande $3.70


**This month’s World Cafe location is Vietnam: one of the world’s leading oyster cultivators and Pearl producers.