Coffee Features

June Beverages

This summer’s World Cafe Location is the Philippines!

In addition to these great coffee drinks, all month long you can visit the Library to find books about Filipino history & travel, and pick up a free Make-and-Take craft for kids!

Polished Pearl Iced Latte

Smooth & classic Vanilla with a glimmer of  White chocolate & a hint of cool Peppermint.

A perfect shiny compliment to any ensemble!

Double $3.50  Grande $3.75



Peaches and Cream Smoothie

Delicious peach smoothie blended with a touch of sweet cream.

Cool, fruity, and topped with plenty of dreamy whipped cream.

Double $4.00  Grande $4.50

Manila Mango Soda

Manila is the capital of the Philippines, and Mango is one of their most popular fruits.

Enjoy it in this refreshing homemade soda, and try it with a splash of cream!

Double $2.25  Grande $2.75