Coffee Features


Welcome to the World Cafe!  In addition to these great coffee drinks, all month long you can visit the Library to find more information about our featured location. We have great fiction to check out, plus books about history, culture & travel!  Pick up a free craft, recipe card & World Cafe passport today!

October’s Featured Location is Sumatra, Indonesia!

Sumatra is a coffee-growing country and the 6th biggest island on the planet!

We encourage you to learn more about Sumatra’s tropical terrain, variety of wildlife (like Orangutans!), and booming trade economy.


October’s Feature Beverages

Sumatra LatteSumatra Latte

A rich and creamy latte made with our house-roasted Sumatra coffee! 

Single: $2.70 Double $2.90 Grande $3.20



Jurassic Punch Strawberry SodaJurassic Punch

Celebrate Michael Crichton’s birthday with a fruity and bubbly drink inspired by one of his most popular creations!

 Double $2.50 Grande $3.00



Blueberries and blossoms with coffee mugBoo-Berry Mocha

Send a shiver down your spine with this thrilling combination of blueberry and chocolate!

Single: $3.50 Double $3.75 Grande $4.00