Coffee Features


Welcome to the World Cafe!  In addition to these great coffee drinks, all month long you can visit the Library to find more information about our featured location. We have great fiction to check out, plus books about history, culture & travel! 

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April’s Featured Location is Finland!

Did you know? Finland is known as the world’s happiest country!  We encourage you to learn more about Finland. Check out some books from our World Cafe displays, or sign up for Mango Languages and learn some words in Finnish!

April’s Feature Beverages

M is for Macchiato
Enjoy this delicious Sue Grafton inspired drink with flavors of white chocolate and macadamia nut. 
Single: $2.75 Double $3.00 Grande $3.25


Pulla Latte
Pulla bread is a traditional Finnish treat. Enjoy this comforting latte flavored with cinnamon, vanilla and almond. 
Single: $3.50 Double $3.75 Grande $4.00


Pear Cream Soda
Cleanse your palate with a creamy soda with sweet, refreshing pear! 
Double $2.50  Grande$3.00


Lavender Fog
A floral twist on the classic London Fog. Perfect on an April rainy day.
Single: $2.50  Double $2.80  Grande $3.10


Lemon  & Rose Oat Latte
A slight citrus kick joins this fancy rosy oat latte. 
Single: $3.50  Double $3.75  Grande $4.00


Spring Bouquet
This frozen cream will remind you of a walk through Pemberley’s gardens. Notes of rose, lavender and violet blend together with a rich vanilla backdrop. You will not regret trying it!
Double $4.00  Grande $4.50