Coffee Features


Welcome to the World Cafe!  In addition to these great coffee drinks, all month long you can visit the Library to find more information about our featured location. We have great fiction to check out, plus books about history, culture & travel!  Pick up a free craft, recipe card & World Cafe passport today!

December’s Featured Location is The North Pole!

The North Pole has multiple meanings! It can refer to the geographically northernmost point on Earth or to the spot where compasses point. Most importantly, it’s where Santa keeps his headquarters. The North Pole has inspired human imagination, scientific exploration and political conflict for decades.

We encourage you to learn more about the North Pole! Did you know that the North Pole has no time zone?


December’s Feature Beverages

The Harry Potter
Butterbeer is great!  Add espresso to make a latte & you’ll really put some wings on your snitch!
Single: $3.50 Double $3.75 Grande $4.00


A Latte to Remember
Wish Nicholas Sparks a Happy Birthday with this sweet & floral latte that is sure to make you fall in love!
Single: $3.50 Double $3.75 Grande $4.00


Jack Frost
World Cafe presents! A blended beverage made with a pairing of chocolate & mint.  It’s never too cold for Jack Frost!  
Double $4.00  Grande $4.50


Egg Nog Latte
Classic holiday beverage expertly blended with espresso for the perfect pick-me-up!
Single: $3.50  Double $3.75  Grande $4.00


Three Broomstick’s Pumpkin Juice
We might not be in Hogsmeade, yet this fizzy delight will take you closer than you would expect!
Double $2.50 Grande $3.00


Frozen Fire Whisky
If you’re looking for liquid courage without the burn, then this frozen beverage is just what the muggle ordered!
Double $4.00  Grande$4.50