How Coffee Supports the Library

Elizabethtown Coffee Company is a department of Elizabethtown Public Library. It exists strategically to support the Library’s mission and to generate revenue in support of Library operations.

Supporting the Library Mission

Elizabethtown Coffee Company is the heartbeat of the World Café program of the Library. The World Café features a country or a state. The coffee company features coffees, refreshments or other food & beverages that relate in some way to the area featured in the World Café. Informational displays are created in the Adult and Youth Library areas. Recommendations for reading, viewing, and exploration are also provided to dig deeper in featured content.

The Coffee Company also provides a welcoming space for people to meet with each other. The Library is a place where people can connect with resources they need to make their dreams come true and achieve their highest potential. Often times, the resources needed come in human form. People are able to connect over a cup of warm coffee or a sweet blended beverage while discussing job opportunities, personal growth strategies, or engaging in any dialogue.

The Coffee Company Team also facilitates fingerprinting services for those serving in our community or who need a fingerprint background check for nearly any other reason. The Library is certified to accept digital fingerprints and submit the prints for FBI clearances. The majority of people who use this service are community volunteers who work with children. We also provide fingerprinting service for public servants who work in health care and emergency positions. October 2016 will be our one-year anniversary of providing this service.

Financial Support of Library Operations

Elizabethtown Coffee Company is a department of Elizabethtown Public Library. All net revenue generated through beverage and food sales is turned back to support Library operations.