How Coffee Supports the Library

It’s all part of our mission:

Elizabethtown Coffee Company is the heart of the World Café program at Elizabethtown Public Library and helps to advance our mission. The vision of the World Café is to increase awareness of authors, cultures and realities from around the globe. We want everyone to be able to discover new places and different ideas that expand our thinking and our minds.

Each month the Library selects a different location. Sometimes it is a region within the United States. It might be a coffee or tea growing country and it may even be a body of water that houses sea creatures and mythical beings. You can sign up to participate in this year-long program and complete your World Café passport for a year of exploration and a chance to win fun prizes.

Financing the Library:

As part of the World Café there are features that represent the country or the region. From a cozy cinnamon Pulla latte celebrating Finland to a Citrus Smoothie filled with passionfruit and raw cane sugar that is grown in Uganda, you can enjoy flavors from around the world without leaving Elizabethtown.

All proceeds from Elizabethtown Coffee Company go toward sustaining and growing the work of the Library. Whether you buy a cup or a pound of coffee the proceeds roll back to the Library. Birthday gifts, Library t-shirts, and frozen beverages all help us bring children’s programming and new books to our community.

It’s part of our vision:

We want to help everyone in the Greater Elizabethtown Area pursue their highest potential and make their dreams come true. One of the aspects of the vision for Elizabethtown Coffee Company is to help people who may be difficult to employ to develop good work habits and build some basic experience on which to build future job application “history” sections. We are hoping to re-launch this part of our efforts in the near future. If you are interested in helping us coach-up new and fresh-start workers, let us know by applying to work with us.