Piles of gifts and letters of encouragementWhat an amazing outpouring of encouragement and support we’ve received from you, our community! It is difficult to put into words what your words mean to us, your Library team, especially during these disrupted and unprecedented times.

We are touched by your words of encouragement. We are uplifted by those who tell us how our actions have lifted them. We are honored by the investment of so many of you. We continue to be challenged to find creative and meaningful ways to serve you and those in our community who do not have the resources to read this note.

We continue to petition the powers-that-be to allow us to resume modified operations. As soon as they give us the go-ahead, we are ready.

Until then, we are here to take your phone call – even if it’s just to chat. We are here to answer your email – if you need answers or ideas. If you have a need, even one that is not a typical thing the Library provides, please reach out to us – we will do our best to help find answers, services, supplies and whatever you may need.

We are here for you. We are here because of you.

We cannot thank you enough for your support & encouragement.

May you find renewed hope and sustained good health,


Deb signature

Deb Drury

for the Library team