Computer Use

Computers & Wifi

Computers are available for access when the Library is open. There are 6 computers available on the main floor of the Library and 3 on the 2nd floor which are designated for students in 6th-12th grade or younger children under direct adult supervision. By using a public computer, you can rest assured knowing your information is safe. The Library does not track your personal information. When you log off from a public computer, the computer wipes itself clean and resets for the next person.

The computers are available during Library open hours, though they automatically shutdown 15 minutes prior to closing. If you have an important task to complete, please arrive at least an hour before closing. Computers may be used for 60 minutes at a time. Session end warnings are given when 10, 5, and 1 minutes are remaining. If there is no one waiting to use a computer, you may reserve another session at the computer. You are limited to 180 minutes (or 3 sessions) of computer access per day.

To use a computer for the first time, please stop at the main desk. You will be asked to provide a current Photo ID and sign a Computer Agreement, which will be valid for 3 years. If you would like to sign up for a Library card at the same time, we encourage you to do so. Then you can use your Library Card number to sign into the computer during future visits. If you would rather use the computer as a Guest, you are welcome to do that as well. However, Guest logins are one-time use only, so you will need to stop at the main desk for a new Guest login at each Library visit.

To use a computer on the 1st floor, go to the main desk and ask if any are available. You will be assigned a computer if there is availability, or you will be put on the waitlist. When you get to your computer station, you must type in your Library barcode number or Guest login number again. Once you are logged in you will be prompted to agree to our Computer Agreement, which you have already signed, and you can begin your task.

If you are using a computer on the 2nd floor, stop at the Youth Services desk and ask a Library Team member to reserve a computer station for you. You will need to provide your Library Card or ask for a Guest Pass. The Library Team member will tell you which computer station is reserved for you.

If you want to save your documents, please bring a USB flash drive with you. You can also email a document to yourself in order to save it for another time. You will not be able to save files directly onto a computer.

If you want to watch videos or listen to music, please wear headphones. You may also enjoy coffee and other covered beverages at the computer stations. Please do not bring a drink without a lid. Food is not permitted.

If you have your own device, free public WiFi is available throughout the building. If you need access when the Library is closed, fear not – our WiFi network can be accessed from the outside next to our building. To sign into our WiFi you will need to open a new browser window. Our Computer Agreement page will pop up and after you agree, your page will be redirected to your homepage.

The Library reserves the right to revoke your computer time if you are not abiding by the rules in the Computer Use Agreement.