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“Rails and the Trains that Rode Them.” File:Pennsylvania Limited, of the Pennsylvania Railroad (1897).jpg - Wikimedia Commons

This presentation is a short history of the beginning and operation of the Pennsylvania Railroad.  We will visit the history of  railroading in Elizabethtown.  This will include the various stations and the 1000 foot tunnel behind Mount Tunnel Cemetery.  We then turn our sights on the various railroads that operated in Lancaster County.  Lastly, we visit the many historic railroad stations in Lancaster County.  All Aboard!!!

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Rails and the cars that rode them_Recording


The Square Elizabethtown, PA Postcard   “Elizabethtown Trollies.”  We first explore the Hershey Transit Company.  When Milton S. Hershey broke ground to construct his new chocolate factory in 1903, many questioned the wisdom of building in the middle of a cornfield.  To transport Lancaster County milk, he started the trolley system to Elizabethtown and other county communities.  We’ll follow the line from Hershey to Elizabethtown’s center square.  Then we’ll explore the Conestoga Traction Company and its routes throughout Lancaster County.  Our focus will be the line from Lancaster to Elizabethtown and the various stations along the route.  Our final stop will be the fight between the two trolley companies and the end of an era.

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Elizabethtown Trollies_Recording

Toy train - Wikipedia


 “History of Toy Trains.”

This is an overview of toy trains, starting in the late 1800’s and up to the present.  Will describe changes in real RR that drove toy production and changes in manufacturing techniques.  Examples will be shared.  To attend “History of Toy Trains,” please click the link below:

To enjoy a recording of “History of Toy Trains,” please click below.

History of Toy Trains _ Recording


 “The Train Guys Story”

Will tell the history of the Train Guys and their amazing service to Elizabethtown Library.  Session will provide the background and origin of the Train Guys as a group and their popular displays at the Library each December.  The growth of the display and the way set up goes will be described.  Will include a viewing of the custom Elizabethtown Business Train cars produced by this group.  To attend “The Train Guys Story,” please click the link below:

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